Celebrating Fall Arts Show 2014

Fall Arts 2014 Recycled Art Lamps created by Jan Nelson. See others at Taos Artist Collective. Website:taoscollective.com


Currently showing at Taos Artist Collective, Taos, NM or UpcycledArtLamps@jantnelsonart on Facebook or https://etsy/shop/UpcycledArtLamps


The Paseo Project–Sept 2016

This particular lighting effect was originally created by me for a piece performed at Rodey Theatre, UNM for Dancer/Choreographer Lane Lucas. The overall effect is a sense of walking/moving in the moonlight with the attempt to bring a simulation and experience of the natural enviornment.

Through the use of Lee Filters, in a color that approximates Cinemoid 67, a favorite color for depicting moonlight in stage productions in the 1950’s, I am creating artificial moonlight. Using 900 lumen directional 10 LED’s affixed to underneath the portal on tracks and dimmed to the appropriate level, then flagged with camo netting and materials to create suitable shading to light create the effect of moonlight shining through tree branches.

Jan Nelson, trained in printmaking/drawing from Garo Antreasian and Robert Ellis at UNM (BA in Fine Art,1978), has largely been concentrating on building unique lamps made from recycled materials. He has become known for his sense of humor in his work, along with his great aesthetic sense that produces beautiful one-of-a-kind lamps and lit creations.As a lighting technician, he has worked with well-known lighting designers and in the Popejoy Hall, Kimo, Lensic Theatres and The Santa Fe Opera. He has also worked as a Lighting Designer/Tech in film, music, dance and stage productions for 30 years.

Contact him at :jantnelsonart@gmail.com or 505-501-3966.                               Website:creativecloudsite.wordpress.com